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Episode 037 | Acts 18: Blah Blah Blah

October 18th, 2016

Can you be friends with people who don’t share your faith, how should Christians handle Halloween and when should you just walk away? Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie tackle your questions and the story behind Acts 18.

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  • (5:06) How to deal with non-Christian friendships?
  • (9:22) How should Christians handle Halloween?
  • (14:43) Why were all the Jews deported from Rome?
  • (20:45) Why did Paul stop to become a tentmaker?
  • (23:42) How do we know when to walk away?
  • (27:59) How big of a deal was it that Crispus became a believer?
  • (30:46) What was Paul afraid of?
  • (34:44) What does it mean that "they belonged to him?"
  • (36:42) Is Gallio one of the elect?
  • (41:33) Why does Gallio allow this beating?
  • (42:56) What was Paul's vow?
  • (45:24) Why did Paul decide to leave?
  • (47:03) How much did Apollos know?
  • (50:44) How can we learn from this interaction?

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