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East Valley Campus Expansion – Permitting

Thu Aug 22 Momentum

Since it launched, the East Valley campus has been booming. There are six services every weekend, serving over 800 people. For the smallest Sandals Church campus, it’s opening its doors to a lot of people! Even when they have to sit outside under the sun, people still show up in droves. The Momentum Project is helping keep up with the ever growing reach of the East Valley campus and its community by adding a covered patio space that will have multiple purposes. 

First, it’ll be an outdoor viewing area that utilizes technology so that both those inside and outside the sanctuary can have a shared worship experience. It will also create a new space for youth, an expanded coffee shop, and a connections area. While the permitting process continues for this addition, other new changes are being made inside the building to accommodate the expanding community. Walls have been moved to enlarge production space and it is being outfitted with new electrical wiring to support upgrades to the audio equipment!