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No matter where you volunteer at Sandals Church, you are a part of the Real Team. The Real Team is all of our ministries working together to help others become a part of this vision of being Real with ourselves, God, and others.

Guest Services

Being a Guest Services volunteer means that we help others become real by helping guests experience God’s love even before the message begins! So many ways to help others with parking, greeting, ushering, information and serving coffee!

Sandals Kids

When kids have fun at church, they can’t wait to come back. Volunteering on this team gives you the opportunity to share about who God is through play, engaging lessons, activities, worship and more.

Sandals Youth

By volunteering with middle and high school students, you get to help others become real by providing a place for students to feel known, have fun, be honest and cultivate real relationships with God and others.

Safety Team

Safety is a priority here at Sandals Church. As a safety volunteer, you have the incredible opportunity to help create a safe environment for people to worship together.

Soul Care

Let’s be honest, life is messy. By serving in Soul Care, you help others become real by connecting with them in whatever season of life they find themselves.

Offering Team

If you love numbers, systems and being behind the scenes, you’ll love being a part of this team. In addition to receiving the offering, these volunteers count and input the donations into our database.


In volunteering with the worship team, you’ll help create moments for people to connect with Jesus through music and you’ll help create a dynamic environment where people can be real and engage with God.


Behind every piece of audio/video equipment we have, is a real person dedicated to providing an incredible worship experience. Being a volunteer on the Production Team enables you to help others become real by creating an environment that puts God on display.

Digital Connections

Being a part of the Digital Connections Team, you can help others become real by leveraging our digital space to shape the way our church reaches the world in new and innovative ways.

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