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Try A Group (Online)

Sunday, July 25th at 6:00p

San Bernardino Zoom (Online)

I know you have been thinking about trying a community group, well, now is the time!
This is for you! TRY A GROUP! (ONLINE)

Join me Sunday Nights at 6 pm for this first-time group experience...

What will we be doing?
This is an online TRY A GROUP, the first one we have ever done. I will give a short introduction to what a community group is and why we do them. Then we will break into groups (online of course) and you will have a chance to answer a few questions, or just sit back and listen. These will be starter questions just to get things going, we are not going super deep here (unless you want to). Then we will gather back together for a few minutes, to wrap things up. The whole experience will be less than an hour.

I'm Ready, How do I sign up?
1. Let us know you will be there by registering here: TRY A GROUP Sign Up
2. Download Zoom on your Phone/Tablet/Computer (How to Video Here)
3. We will email you a Zoom link Sunday Afternoons at 4pm.

That's it...
It is going to be a great time. Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert we want to make this as easy as possible for you. I will be with you throughout the whole process. 

If you have any questions email me at or text at (909) 332-3989. 

Love you all, 
Chris Reinhard
Campus Pastor
Sandals Church San Bernardino