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Share your moments from Sandals Church—whether it’s a miracle, a life-changing encounter, or someone who made a significant impact. Your story matters to us.

This is an example of a story we shared from someone who called their story in.

Send us your personal story of how Sandals Church has changed your life by sharing your story and or answering the following questions:

  1. What’s your name, and where are you from? (Who/Name, Where, City/State/Country)
  2. What was the impactful moment, miracle, or life-changing encounter you experienced?
  3. Share about a miracle you have experienced, a life-changing encounter, someone that had a significant impact on your life, what part (if any) Sandals Church had in it, and the impact it had on your life or your family’s lives.

How to Share Your Story

Call it in:

STEP 1 – Find a nice quiet place to call in your story.

STEP 2 – CALL 951-339-2500

STEP 3 – Share your story in 2-3 minutes as a voicemail.

Write it out:

STEP 1 – Write out your story in a few concise sentences.

STEP 2 – Find a great photo of you and or your family (optional).

STEP 3 – Share your story via this form.

Record a video:

STEP 1 – Find a nice quiet place thats well lit to record your story.

STEP 2 – Record your story with a smart phone in landscape mode.

STEP 3 – Share your story in 2-3 minutes, upload it here.

By sharing your story you give Sandals Church permission to edit, reformat, share or publish your story publicly.


Examples of past stories Sandals Church has created from what people have submitted