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Baptism is an outward profession of an inward commitment to follow Jesus in obedience. In a marriage ceremony, the bride and groom publicly profess their love for and dedication to one another before God, their friends and family. Similarly, when we get baptized we publicly profess our love for and dedication to follow Jesus Christ in obedience.

Step One – Watch “What is Baptism?”

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Step Two – Choose Where You Want to Be Baptized

Get Baptized Remotely

Remote baptism gives you an opportunity to be baptized wherever you are and whenever you’re ready. We’ll help you get everything lined up and a Sandals Church minister will join you either in person (depending on your location) or through an online video call, to pray with you and lead you through your baptism. 

Get Baptized at a Campus

We hold all-campus baptism events throughout the year where you can come to any local campus and get baptized alongside your church family there. This is the preferred option if you are already attending one of our physical campuses and is a great opportunity to invite friends and family to celebrate there with you.

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