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There is a dominant, broken, and dangerous message about what it means to be a man in our culture today. The goal for this series is for men to embrace who God has designed them to be and equip women to help men become who he has called them to be. We need Godly men for existing families, marriages, single women, our communities, our culture, our world, and our future. Learn to be like HIM.

Come celebrate your child that is moving up! On June 9th, Sandals Church Kids we will be moving every child up to their next grade. This is a big step for our younger children heading into Kindergarten and our upper elementary kids who are moving up into Youth. There will be a special celebration for those moving up out of Youth the following Wednesday night, June 12th.

Summer Camp 2024 (June 22nd-30th)

Camp provides kids from any background with the chance for life-changing experiences in a healthy, fun environment.

Because of your support, so many of our kids and youth are able to go to camp this year! You are helping those who would have never gotten the opportunity to go and experience camp, some for the first time.

If you would like to continue to support our kids and youth going to camp, please pray for this year’s campers to have an unforgettable, positive, life-changing experience. You can also go to to learn more and help by giving financially!