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Christmas Anxiety Series: Introduction

Thu Dec 23

Watch, listen or read this series in the way that is best for you, the video, audio and text are all the same content.


Hey Sandals Church, in a recent email survey that we sent out to you, we asked what types of things you are dealing with this holiday season. And the vast majority of you said that you were dealing with stress and anxiety. Perhaps, you’re feeling overwhelmed by these things. Maybe you’re just feeling overwhelmed by being overwhelmed, but it’s no secret that this is a difficult time in human history, and the holidays only magnify that. And so we’ve created some short videos for you to help you interact with and deal with your stress and your anxiety this holiday season. And so we’ve asked Pastor Dan Crowley, pastor of spiritual formation to lead us as a church through these exercises. You’ll find tried and true exercises that are passed down through the generations from those who’ve gone before us. Our hope and our prayer for you is that as you do these things, you’ll encounter the peace and the joy from Jesus himself, as he interacts with your deep soul. We can’t wait to hear how this has affected you. We pray that it’s a blessing to you this holiday season.