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Creative Exchange

Sun Oct 4

MONDAY, NOV 2 at 10:00AM at Sandals Church Hunter Park

At the start of this year, none of us could have pictured how differently church looks today. Along the way, you’ve likely had to innovate and adapt and find new ways of doing things. So have we. As we head into the close of the year, what if we all took a moment to check in and share what is and isn’t working for us?

On Monday, November 2, Sandals Church is hosting a meet-up for church leaders and creatives in Southern California and abroad to come together to compare notes, share encouragement and help each other find a new way forward. 

Your voice and experience matter. And we know great things can happen when we put our heads together. We’re inviting you, your staff and your colleagues to join us (either in person or remotely) on November 2 as we come together to learn from each other and prepare for the season of ministry ahead of us. Register for this free Creative Exchange by clicking the link below!