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Woodcrest Campus Courtyard – Planning

Thu Aug 22 Momentum

The Woodcrest campus finally has their own home after years of renting out a local middle school for Sunday mornings. This has been an exciting time for the families who attend, but they have been missing the large courtyard and open space that created such a fun and warm culture of community and family for so long. So, funding from the Momentum Project is building a park- like space to reinvigorate the community culture for the Woodcrest families to enjoy once again.

There will be lots of green space, a play area for children, and even an amphitheater and fire pit for outdoor meetings, baptisms and other special events or gatherings. And of course, a spot to get coffee will be there too. Projects like this require a lot of time and planning, but thankfully there have been some faithful community members helping along the way. One family donated their surveying expertise and an architect is working on renderings for the patio pro bono. With help like this, the hope is to break ground this year and then open this “mini park” in early 2020.