What Happens When You Give

When you give to Sandals Church you become part of a community of people committed to intentional generosity. Sandals Church exists because of normal, everyday people who have chosen to give generously because giving changes lives – ours and those we’re helping.

We are funded completely by your donations; we receive no financial support from any denomination or parent organization so we work hard to be excellent stewards of your generosity.

Your Money Goes To:

9¢ – Operations

Administrative costs to support the growth of the church including HR, accounting and infrastructure.

12¢ – Facilities

Property payments, utilities and maintenance for weekend services, office space and mid week events at our Main Campus and Woodcrest locations.

71¢ – Ministries

Staff and programming to help people meet Jesus and grow in their faith.

6¢ – Missions

Helping people in need and sharing hope around the world.

2¢ – Savings

Saving for the future and planning for growth.

Financial Accountability

Each year, Sandals Church undergoes a full financial audit with a Certified Public Accounting (C.P.A.) firm. Our financial records and our internal processes are audited to ensure that we are compliant with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. By reviewing our internal controls, the C.P. A. firm ensures we have proper approval processes and cash handling processes to protect staff, volunteers and the church as a whole. Our Board of Directors reviews our financial statements throughout the year and approves the Sandals Church annual budget.

Non Cash Giving

You can donate non cash gifts like stocks, homes, land or estates. If you are interested in making a non cash gift please email giving@sandalschurch.com.

Questions About Giving?

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