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Join us for A Series Called YOU, understanding the enneagram from a grace-filled, Biblical perspective



When you give to Sandals Church, you join God in changing lives and helping people become real. Sandals Church exists because of normal, everyday people who have chosen to give and in doing so have created a place where we can all be real with ourselves, God and others.

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The word tithe means tenth, representing 10% of your income, and is considered the starting place for giving in the Old Testament.

No matter what giving looks like for you right now, we’re here to help as you work toward greater generosity while watching God do good with your giving here on earth.

This calculator is not a measurement of your faith, but a practical tool to help you get started.

tithe 10%

Financial Accountability

Being real doesn’t stop at our finances. We are funded completely by your donations; we receive no financial support from any denomination or parent organization so we work hard to be excellent stewards of your giving. Sandals Church financials are audited annually by an outside company. And, if you’d like to see where we stand, you can view our financial statements and this year’s preliminary financial reports anytime.

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To find out more about giving to Sandals Church or donate non-cash gifts like stocks, homes, land, life insurance or estates contact us.

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