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How to Pray

How Do I Ask?

July 02, 2022

The beautiful part about the Christian God is that He wants a relationship with humans. So much so that Jesus taught his disciples to pray that God would provide food for them each day. The Christian God is interested in making His kingdom a reality and meeting our every day needs.

How to Pray Through Disappointment

June 25, 2022

One of the hardest times to pray is when you're discouraged and disappointed. Does God even care? Does He listen to our prayers? Does God care that I'm disappointed? All these questions can run through our minds in difficult seasons of life. Join us as we hear from Pastor Matt as we continue our sermon series How to Pray! Today Pastor Matt will be speaking on how to pray through disappointment.

Your Kingdom Come

June 18, 2022

Kingdom come...what does that mean? One of the things Jesus taught his followers to pray was for God's kingdom to come. That language is often lost on our modern ears, but what Jesus is getting at is that we ought to pray for and hope for the day when God is king of our world - because right now He's not.

How to Pray so God Hears Me

June 11, 2022

Do you ever feel like you need to talk to God, but aren’t sure where to start? Prayer can feel intimidating, like it’s something only the really religious and dedicated know how to do. Jesus said prayer was simple. He said it was simple because God doesn’t expect a template or perfect process; He expects us wherever we are.

How Can I Begin To Pray?

June 04, 2022

If there's one thing that seasoned christians and new christians can relate to, it's that we have all struggled to know how to pray. What are we supposed to say to the God who created the universe? Does he really hear me? What if I get the words wrong? As we move into our new series How to Pray, we hope to explore all those questions together as a church. Join us as we hear from Pastor Fredo Ramos on his sermon How Can I Begin to Pray!