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Join us for A Series Called YOU, understanding the enneagram from a grace-filled, Biblical perspective


A guide to growing deeper in your faith and connecting with others in real relationships at Sandals Church.

If you’re ready to take some next steps as you follow Jesus, the Growth Path is our way to show you how. Each step is designed to help you start from anywhere as you grow deeper in being real with yourself, God and others.

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Steps on the Growth Path

Learn more about each step and how we help you track them below:


Baptism is an outward expression of an inward commitment to follow and obey Jesus. 

When you sign up to be baptized or tell us about your baptism. If you were baptized as an infant, we encourage you to be baptized again when you feel you’re fully aware of what it means to follow and obey Jesus.

Get Baptized or Learn More


Attending weekly worship services, reading the bible and praying are essential to connecting with and experiencing God.

When you use the message notes in the Sandals Church app.

Attend a Service or Learn More


Use your God-given gifts to help others and live out what it means to be real.

When you sign up for a team or ask your lead to add you to the team roster.

Join a Team or Learn More


Talk about the message, share about your life and grow in being real alongside the people in your life.

When your group (and all of its current members) is registered at

Start a Group or Learn More


Become personally invested with God as we seek to see his purposes accomplished in our world.

When you give regularly by check or using the Sandals Church app or online giving.

Give Now or Learn More


Commit to our spiritual family as we identify with one another under the care and leadership of Sandals Church.

When you sign up as a member and keep your annual membership status active at

Become a Member or Learn More


Leverage your influence by purposefully and personally investing in others as you help them become better followers of Jesus.

When your group and/or team information is up to date at

Register as a Leader or Learn More


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