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How to Bring About Racial Reconciliation

October 14, 2017

What should diversity mean to us? God’s family is a global one and in heaven, there will not only be one nation worshipping together, but ALL the nations worshipping as one. That vision of unity starts here on earth, in our everyday lives and alongside those who are different than us. If you know someone curious about what diversity means to God and how that affects how we live, invite them to watch this video. Pastor Matt Brown will be continuing our "Others" series and talking about the importance of global unity.


September 30, 2017

Have you ever solved a problem only by having the added perspective of a friend? Life is full of significant obstacles that we’re better equipped to maneuver when we have one an other. If you know someone struggling to escape their own experience, or maybe a past hurt, invite them to watch this message. We'll be talking about how to love our neighbors and take tangible steps to achieve racial equality.

God’s Recipe To End Racism

September 23, 2017

Everyone is an “other” to someone. And, while some of America marches in our cities for equality, is there something we can do while we are standing in our neighborhoods? If you know someone struggling with how exactly to love others, or make a difference with their voice, invite them to watch this video! Pastor Matt Brown will be teaching us how to practice togetherness and how doing that can bring real change to our communities.

Ending Racism

September 16, 2017

Jesus calls us to reach out to people who aren't like us, who don't think like us, who come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and have different ethnicities. I realize it has been a few weeks since our last major conflict over race made its way into the headlines, but if the world is ever going to figure out how to end racism, we've got to figure it out at church. In this message going we are going to be looking at a passage where Jesus confronts racism head on. Be ready to let God deal with your heart on this issue, and give you a heart for the nations and for people who are different from you.