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When In Rome

Understanding the Beauty of Baptism

April 10, 2021

Have you begun following Jesus? What will change for you? Pastor Matt explains how you can celebrate your new life with others and declare that you follow Jesus by being baptized.

Good Friday at Home

April 01, 2021

On Good Friday, Christians pause to remember the death of Jesus and remind ourselves that his death is what gave each of us a chance to truly come back to life. In the same way that Jesus gathered with a few of his close friends before his death on the cross, we will be remembering Good Friday by gathering together in our homes for a brief message and a time to share communion together.

How to Find Hope in Hardship

March 27, 2021

Are you optimistic, or realistic? When you feel discouraged, what do you do? Pastor Alfredo Ramos shares how to have real hope in hard times without living in denial.

What Does God Want from Me?

March 20, 2021

Life can be a whirlwind at times. When life gets difficult who do you talk to? Who is in your corner when things go wrong? In this video, Pastor Matt encourages us to stay authentic in two very important ways.

How to Fix What’s Wrong in My Life

March 13, 2021

Do you feel like your life's not perfect? What's held you back from living your best life? Pastor Matt helps you understand the issue that keeps everyone from having it all, and what you can do today to start to fix it.

Have You Been Blinded?

March 06, 2021

Have you ever been hurt by someone who calls themselves a Christian? Or felt uncomfortable with church? In this video, Pastor Alfredo Ramos digs deep into Romans and how you can avoid Christian hypocrisy.

Does a Loving God Judge?

February 27, 2021

Have you ever felt judged? Do you trust the judgement of those you love? Pastor Matt explores how God's love includes judgement, and why it can help you live a better life.

How to Survive Cancel Culture

February 20, 2021

Have you ever worried about what people think of your opinions? What do you think of others who disagree with you? Pastor Matt shares how you avoid getting caught up in 'cancel culture' without compromising on what's important.

A Better Exchange

February 13, 2021

What's the best trade you've ever made? What you receive in an exchange? Pastor Matt reveals what you might be trading if you don't follow Jesus, and what he offers us that you don't have to trade for.

Rejecting God

February 06, 2021

Who do you listen to when you need help? Where do you look for answers to life’s tough questions? In this video Pastor Matt shows us how our decision affects our life.

Are We Getting Sex Wrong?

January 30, 2021

How do you view sex? Are you real with others about your sexuality? Pastor Matt delivers a personal and powerful message on how the Bible helps us to understand sex.

Living in Denial

January 23, 2021

What's most important in your life? Does how you spend time and energy reflect what you love most? Pastor Alfredo Ramos shows the danger of living in denial, and how you can avoid valuing the wrong things.

The True Power of Faith

January 16, 2021

Would you be okay without God? Do you feel Jesus has made a difference for you? Pastor Matt gets deep about the biggest thing you are called to do if you've experienced Jesus's love change your life.

How to Live for Christ in a Culture That Doesn’t

January 09, 2021

Are you done with constant bad news? If you'd rather focus on good things this year, Pastor Matt shares 3 ways to help you trade bad news for good news, in this series on how to follow Jesus in a culture that doesn't.

Why We Need Romans

January 02, 2021

Are you looking for something new from life? Do you need a way to experience positive change? Pastor Alfredo Ramos introduces a book that reveals the one big idea that's impacted millions, and could powerfully transform your life.