A weekly Q&A podcast with Pastor Matt Brown

The Debrief is a weekly podcast from Sandals Church where Pastor Matt Brown offers real answers to tough questions from the Bible. Every episode is made up of questions sent in from our listeners as we all figure out what it looks like to be real with ourselves, God and others.

Best of The Debrief #1

July 18th, 2017

If you’ve ever wondered if you can lose your salvation, if there are different levels of heaven or hell or what happens when a Christian commits suicide, we’ve talked about it here. We’ve also thrown in Pastor Matt’s take on homosexuality and the church, how Christians should interact with drugs and alcohol and whether Jesus was killed or chose to die.

Episode 072 | But Why?

July 11th, 2017

Have you ever wondered why? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why did a so-called perfect God create a clearly imperfect world? And why does the Old Testament still matter if Jesus changed everything? On this week’s episode, Pastor Matt, Tim and Stephanie walk through questions that all start with “why?”

Cold Gold: Volume 3

July 4th, 2017

Lots happens behind the mics before each episode of The Debrief begins. Listen in as Pastor Matt, Justin, Stephanie and lots of guests have some fun before getting to the tough questions. 

Episode 071 | Beyond Anxiety

June 27th, 2017

Anxiety is a real thing, and it’s possible well-meaning Christians have been giving the wrong advice about it for a long time. Listen in as Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie share their own experiences with anxiety and answer questions about what to do when “just pray about it” just doesn’t work. 

Episode 070 | Livin’ on a Prayer

June 20th, 2017

What’s so bad about wanting to be perfect? What’s the right way to pray? And how do you know when it’s time to step out in faith or wait for better circumstances? This week Pastor Matt tackles tough questions about perfection, prayer and preparedness.

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