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Watch Together

The Sandals Church vision of being real with ourselves, God and others was never about going it alone, no matter where you gather, church is all about the people, not the place. There’s freedom in having a place to be real, and that place may be closer than you think, you can make Sandals Church happen right in your home. We invite you, your family, friends or community group to watch together where you can participate in worship, hear a timely message, pray and give together.

How to Watch Together

Some content about being friendly, warm and caring for the folks watching with you. Prepare your space, welcome them in, facilitate the service including giving, communion, kids service, etc. Discuss the group questions together after the service, pray for each other, and if someone has more serious needs direct them to

How to Watch with Kids

Watching Together?

Let us know who you are and where you’re from so that we can better serve you and your group.