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In this series, ‘Miracles,’ our church will be invited to rethink the miracles that Jesus performed while on earth, as well as the miracles that happen today. All while asking how these miracles point back to Jesus and the ultimate miracle: his resurrection.

Share your miracle! Have you or someone close to you experienced a miracle recently or through this series? We want to hear about it!

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A Different Way of Life

Join us as Pastor Fredo jumps into Colossians 4 and walks us through what living a life ‘in Jesus’ looks like. He poses the question: Is how you are living your life today taking you toward who you want to become?

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Come together with others who are looking for a miracle. Whether you are looking for a miracle in your marriage or for physical healing, enhance your experience through this series by joining with others in a specialty group who are looking for the same miracle.

Every Day a Miracle

Miracles still happen today. Do you need healing? Do you believe a miracle in your life is possible? How do you ask for a miracle? Will God answer? 

In Pastor Matt’s new book, Every Day a Miracle, he answers these questions, and many others, through personal stories of miracles he has witnessed while taking readers on an incredible journey to discover how Jesus performs miracles every day.

Not near a Sandals Church Location?

Join us for our digital book club as we have a conversation each week about a different chapter in Pastor Matthew Stephen Brown’s new book Every Day a Miracle. We are distributing free books and then streaming live on Youtube (weekly on Tuesdays at 1pm pst), join us for the next conversation.

Parent Resources

As our church learns about the miracles Jesus performed during His time on earth and is still doing today, we have some great resources to help jump-start conversations with your kids about miracles! Beyond Bounds is a series about the miracles of Jesus that show us that God bends heaven and earth to be with us. His miracles smack straight into everything we think we know about the world. They prove that there is nothing he can’t and won’t do, including breaking the rules of the world that he created, to find us and bring us to himself. Check out the videos (for elementary kids) and the Bible storybooks (for preschoolers) to generate conversations and questions with your kids about the miraculous power of Jesus!