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Come kick off your Super Bowl Sunday with us at Sandals Church! Join us for our Sunday gathering, free food, games, and good times before you go to continue the party at home or wherever you go to watch the game. Don’t miss out!

Want to Live on Mission during Super Bowl?

We want to challenge you to look for ways to share Jesus with others in unintimidating, simple ways this year. An important and often forgotten step in sharing about Jesus and church is getting to know the person and connecting about something. Inviting someone to our Kick Off Pary at Sandals Church on Super Bowl weekend is a great way to do this. Think about who you can invite to this event, not just to provide a place to connect and have fun but to hear about Jesus and experience church for maybe the first time.

Here are three simple ways you can connect with others the weekend of the big game:

Invite them to your campus’ Kickoff Party and a service.

If you’re hosting a party, invite them over and be intentional about getting to know them.

If you’re going to a party, ask permission to bring them along with you.

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To find a Kickoff Party near you, check out any one of our locations below.